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Commemorative bricks are a great way to leave a legacy or honor someone special in Reston and support the Reston Museum. Leave your mark or get a wonderful gift for a teacher, family member, or even your pet! A popular item for clubs, clusters, and other community groups who want to recognize the work that they do for the community. Bricks are ordered and installed only once a year. 




$200 - Standard Brick (up to 3 lines)*

$350 - Large Brick (up to 6 lines)*


* Inscriptions can have up to 15 characters on each line. Characters include letters, numbers, spaces, and punctuation. Each line cannot have more than 15 characters. 


Text will be white and level with the brick surface.  The text is not incised.


Bricks ordered in 2022 will be installed in 2023. All brick orders for 2023 must be placed by December 31, 2022. 2023 will be the last year commemorative bricks will be installed


Bricks are ordered each February and take 6-8 weeks to produce. Ideally, the bricks are on display at the Reston Museum during the Founder's Day celebrations in April and installed in Lake Anne Plaza shortly after (weather permitting). Only a portion of this order is tax deductable. Amount will be specified in a confirmation email. 


Complete the online form below to order your commemorative brick through our secure donation site, or print a paper form by clicking the yellow button below.





  • Inscriptions are confined to no more than three (3) lines on the standard brick and six (6) lines on the large brick.

  • There can be a maximum of fifteen (15) characters on each line, including all letters, numbers, spaces and punctuation.

  • Acknowledging the feelings of some who believe it is disrespectful to walk over memorial sites, LARCA and RHT have agreed that the phrase "In Memory Of" and dates commemorative a person's life span will not be allowed. An example of acceptable language is "To Our Loving Grandfather, 2008"

  • For businesses and organizations, the inscription cannot contain logos, taglines, telephone numbers or other advertising.

  • Inscriptions cannot contain religious or political content or symbols.

  • Inscriptions cannot contain profanity or any offensive language.

  • RHT & LARCA reserve the right to refuse language that is inconsistent with the guidelines or that they feel is inappropriate. When possible, we will work with the purchaser to make acceptable
    adjustments to the inscription.

If the bricks is a gift, and you would like the person receiving the brick to fill out the inscription please leave us a note in the comments. We will reach out to you to coordinate after your order has been placed.


Note: We have ordered bricks from various vendors over the years. With our current vendor, the inscription is white in color with a smooth flat surface in order to keep grim and dirt off the inscription. 

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