6/19/2020 - The Reston Historic Trust & Museum’s mission is to preserve the past, inform the present, and influence the future of Reston. Reston’s history cannot be told without acknowledging Reston’s goal to be a community for all. Our founding principles emphasized that every individual is important and should be treated with dignity and that Reston would have housing for all, regardless of race, gender or economic status. Since 1964, Restonians have come together to promote equality, combat racism, and celebrate the diversity of their community. Current events across the nation make it clear that more work is needed to ensure equality for all. We are committed to promoting these values of equity through our educational resources and programming to foster inclusivity. By educating each other, we can inspire action that leads to a more equitable community.

While the museum is temporarily closed, we encourage everyone to take advantage of our resources available online. Listed below are a few we recommend:

Articles, Videos, Programs:

This statement and resources listed here are just a small step towards ensuring we are educating on Reston's vision as a community for all.

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