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The Reston History Map

Explore over 30 locations in Reston through historic photos from our collection. 

Lake Anne Plaza

Lake Anne Plaza is Reston's first village center. In 1964, residents started moving in and all commercial spaces were leased by February 1965. Originally, the center included a grocery, art gallery, art supply store, pharmacy, hardware store, library (where the museum is today!) and other practical and recreational amenities. The architecture had European influences and is classic mid-20th century modern.  Listed in the National Register of Historic Places since 2016. Developed by Reston, VA Inc.

First Clusters

Waterview Cluster was designed by Cloethiel Smith. The first residents to move into Reston were Mr. and Mrs. Samuel A. Furcron. The Furcons moved into their Waterview Cluster home on December 9, 1964.

Hickory Cluster townhouses were designed by Charles Goodman. They originally featured an underground parking lot. 

Both clusters provided 90 units living space.

Hunters Woods Village Center

Lake Anne Nursery Kindergarten (LANK) 

Founded in 1965, LANK was Reston's first preschool. 

Tall Oaks Village Center

Opened in 1974, Tall Oaks was Reston's third village center. The original intention was to model it after European hill towns. The center was named for the impressive tall oak trees growing throughout the neighborhoods. It was designed by architect Rick Collins of Collins and Kronstadt and had low visibility and an inward orientation. The design prioritized convenience and comfort, and it had a residential quality to its design. Originally, the center featured 16 shops and three office units. The concept assumed that most visitors would walk to this village center. In 2019, redevelopment of this village center began.

Opened in 1972, it was Reston’s second village center, originally designed as an interior shopping place, with nearly all stores unable to be seen from the road. Founder Robert E. Simon, Jr. envisioned that each village center would have a theme - Hunter's Woods focused on nature and horses featuring a stablepony barn, and had appropriately named streets such as Colt’s Neck and Steeplechase. The village center was designed by Cohen Haft Associates of Silver Spring. Included shops, restaurants, library, and offices. It was developed by Gulf Reston. It was later redesigned in the late 1990"s to an open shopping plaza. Reston Community Center opened there in 1979.  

Opened in 1984, this village center was developed by Reston Land Corporation. Unlike Lake Anne Village Center, the shops are located in front of, not around, the lake.  Reston’s two largest lakes, Lakes Thoreau and Audubon, are nearby.

South Lakes Village Center

North Point Village Center

Opened in 1993, this center was the last of Reston’s village centers and was developed by Reston Land Corporation.  It houses numerous small businesses and eateries.

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