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Hunters Woods Stable

The Hunters Woods South Riding Stables, an original building of the Hunters Woods neighborhood, was completed by 1966. This community stable had 40 horse stalls and a riding ring.  A pony barn and paddock were also built nearby. 

The 1962 Reston Master Plan stated that the southern portion of Reston would include horseback riding, and stables would be provided in several villages so that residents could travel by horseback. 

In the 1960s Reston Story, it was originally planned that Hunters Woods Village Center would have hitching posts and would be the start of "miles of bridle paths winding through Virginia's superb hunt country." 

The site of the stables were determined by Geeds, Brecher, Qualls, and Cunningham who were also the architects for the circular stable.


This stable was transformed into a theater for the Reston Community Players’ first performance in 1966.  It was demolished in the 1980s after the roof collapsed.  Hunters Woods Park is now located on the site where the barn once stood.

Streets in the area with names such as Triple Crown Road, Bugle Lane and Steeplechase are today's reminders of Reston's past exploration of horseback riding opportunities.   

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