First Race Starts at 1 pm!

at Lake Anne Plaza


Race Information:

Cheer over 60 teams racing on Lake Anne! Teams will be divided into different heats throughout the afternoon. Come to Lake Anne Plaza and watch the race for free! (Team Registration has closed) 

  • 10:30 am: Boats will start arriving and will be displayed throughout Lake Anne Plaza 

  • 12:00 pm: All boats will be on the plaza! 

  • 1 pm: First race starts. Race will continue two teams at a time throughout the afternoon.

  • 2:15: Short intermission  

  • Award Ceremony will take place once all races have ended. 


Event Activities: ​

  • Visit sponsor tents: American Society of Naval Engineers, Dev Tech, Bechtel, Bia Ullman & Coldwell Banker, Griffin Owens, Champion Auto, and Synergy 

  • See the Boat Repair Tent by Nova Labs

  • Have fun on the Human Hamster Wheel Snow Cone Machine 

  • Craft activity available at the Hunter's Woods Co-op Preschool Tent 

  • Visit the Reston Museum to see Charlotte Geary's "The Women of Lake Anne" photograph Exhibit, our Artifact of the Month, and permanent display about Reston's unique history. 

  • Super soakers available for purchase $5 far end of the dock


  • Water will be sold for $2 at the Kids of Reston tent - proceeds go to the Reston Historic Trust & Museum and Kids of Reston 

  • Grab and go food stations include Kalypso's Sports Tavern,  Nordic Knot, Jimmy's Old Town Tavern, and Whimpop

  • Public restrooms available at the Reston Museum and Reston Community Center Lake Anne


If you have any questions, contact the Reston Historic Trust & Museum at info@restonmuseum.org or 703-709-7700.


All proceeds will benefit the Reston Historic Trust & Museum (RHT).

RHT is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the past, informing the present, and influencing the future of Reston through its educational programming, archives and exhibitions. 

Reston Historic Trust & Museum

Lake Anne Plaza

1639 Washington Plaza

Reston, VA  20190




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