Comments from Cheryl Simon on the Candlelight Vigil for Robert E. Simon, Jr.

"I am so pleased that you are having this community vigil tonight. It is the kind of remembrance that would be most meaningful to Bob.

Bob loved Lake Anne. He loved greeting and being greeted by Restonians and visitors alike. It was a great pleasure for him to sit on our balcony and watch the happenings on the plaza....probably with a martini... and appreciate anew the many wonderful details of what he called its 'Modern Gothic Architecture'.

Bob truly believed his oft-quoted assertion that COMMUNITY is what it is all about... and what a beautiful example is this wonderful gathering tonight to remember him.

Thank you all for this and the many, many expressions of love and respect for Bob."

Cheryl Simon


Reston Historic Trust & Museum

Lake Anne Plaza

1639 Washington Plaza

Reston, VA  20190



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