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When it comes to getting around, traveling via air is usually your best bet. Unless you’re saving money (e.g., by choosing Southwest or flying during off-peak times), avoid driving if possible; not only is it more expensive than flying, but it can be time-consuming and stressful, especially if other people are dependent on your arrival times. If budgeting is your main concern when booking a flight, look for cheaper flights that still make sense for you in terms of time and comfort—you might find cheaper flights available at different times of day or days of week than usual. Alternatively, upgrading your seat may be more affordable than changing flights entirely; doing so could potentially save you hundreds of dollars on an otherwise pricey ticket.

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There’s nothing worse than finding out your flight is overbooked when you get to the airport. To avoid losing money, arrive at least an hour and a half before your scheduled departure time. That gives you time to speak with customer service representatives and make alternative arrangements if there are no seats available on your flight or refund options if it’s cancelled. It also leaves enough time for security lines and other typical pre-flight hassles. If all goes well, that extra cushion might even give you an opportunity to grab something from an in-airport restaurant or bar, which could take some of the sting out of having to pay for a last-minute meal while traveling.

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