“Assessing the Environmental Quality of a Place Called Reston”

Hosted by the Reston Historic Trust & Museum the talk, “Assessing the Environmental Quality of a Place Called Reston”, will be presented by Doug Britt, Virginia Master Naturalist, Reston Association Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC) member, and Project Director for the 1st Reston Annual State of the Environment Report – RASER.


The talk will be held on Wednesday, September 5, 2018 at Reston Community Center Lake Anne Jo Ann Rose Gallery at 7pm.

The RASER was designed and implemented to meet the following five objectives:

  • Summarize existing environmental data in one publicly accessible document

  • Establish a baseline against which future changes can be measured

  • Provide information useful in shaping future RA policies & programs

  • Educate & inform residents and others about Reston’s environmental health

  • Create a document that can be revised and expanded to meet future need


The 1st RASER was completed in July 2017 and evaluated existing conditions related to the following topics: Air Quality, Water Resources, Vegetation, Wildlife, Light Pollution, Hazardous & Toxic Materials, and Environmental Education & Outreach. The full report cites 200+ scientific references and environmental databases. Each environmental attribute evaluated is given a qualitative rating. The following traffic light icons are used to convey the ratings:











The 1st RASER also generated 60 recommended actions for improving or protecting Reston’s environmental quality. The full report along with an Executive Summary is available on-line at Reston Association’s Nature Overview website:,RecreationEvents/NatureEnvironmentalResources/NatureOverview/tabid/959/Default.aspx.

The EAC is in the process of completing the 2nd RASER, which has been expanded in scope to cover several additional environmental attributes of our community. It is expected to be submitted to the RA Board of Directors this fall.

In his presentation, Mr. Britt will summarize the findings of the first RASER and discuss some the new topics being addressed in this year’s update along with progress on some of the recommendations that were put forward in the 2017 report.

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