Volunteer directions

Thank you for volunteering!

Water is available in the back office of the Reston Museum. Lunch will arrive by noon. Help yourself! We appreciate your help. 

Contact Info for Assistance: Alex Campbell, Executive Director, Reston Museum

Cell: 571-337-3092 / Museum 703-709-7700

Lake Anne Cardboard Boat Regatta Schedule

  • 9:00am: Plaza and racecourse set-up / Volunteer check-in starts

  • Boats will arrive through Chimney House parking lot

    • 11:00am – 11:30 pm Group 1 (boats 1 through 22)

    • 11:30 pm – 12:00 pm Group 2 (boats 23 through 24) 

  • Inspections of the boats should be done as they arrive. All boats should be on the plaza by 12:00 pm

  • 1:30 pm Captains Meeting run by Kurt, Steve and Lisa at Award table

  • 1:45 pm Timers meeting run by Lisa on Dock 

  • 1:55 pm National Anthem sung by Andy

  • 2:00 pm Race starts

  • 6:00 pm Race ends / Turtle Recall Performance

Click your volunteer slot to get your directions!


Volunteer Check in

  • Give them orange regatta t-shirt 

  • Provide their specific directions (paper form and refer to QR code bottom of page/on table) 

  • Direct them to correct location / person. Volunteer “leads” are wearing Captain’s hats – ask them questions! (Alex, Kurt, Kristina, Lisa)


 Lake Anne Cardboard Boat Regatta Registration/Check-in


  1. You will be at the boat registration table right outside the Reston Museum 

  2. Boats will start arriving at 11 am 

  3. When teams check-in check them as having arrived and ensure everyone has signed the covid and regatta waivers. Give them a tshirt and race packet if they did not attend race packet pick up the night before. (Race packet pick up will be on August 12 where they get the race packet, captain tshirt and we check waivers so hopefully most of this will already be done!)  

  4. All boats should arrive by 12 pm. 

  5. Check off on registration sheet that crew member has checked in (refer to provided sheet)

  6. Ensure team captain is correct

  7. Ensure that the crew member has signed a waiver (refer to provided sheet)

    1. Have crew member sign waiver if they have not already  

    2. If they have not signed the sheet they can use the laptop to sign or they themselves can go to https://waiver.smartwaiver.com/w/5942e2d791e81/web/ on their own device. If they sign on their own device please check the console on computer to make sure you received it. https://www.smartwaiver.com/console/ 

    3. Paper waivers also available 

  8. Make sure they know that they need to get a race bib from their captain if they have not done so already (Bibs were placed in race packet. Packet pick up was Friday) 

  9. Hand out race packet 

    1. Boat Drop off Boat information 

11:00am  -  Boat drop off

  • Boats 1 through 22

   12 pm  -  Boat drop off

  • Boats 23 through 44


  • Boat drop off is at Chimney House Parking Lot (see map) 

  • See map for where each boat should be placed on display on the plaza before the race

  1. Teams are responsible for their own clean up. (See map for dumpster trucks). Volunteers will help but teams are still responsible. 

  2. Boats will be inspected as they arrive. They must have an the inspection sticker to enter the water.

  3. Captains’ Meeting is at 1:30 pm with Kurt Rose at award table

  4. Race will be between 2 and 6 pm. Individual races will occur in heat order (i.e., later heat times will race later in the day.). 

  5. Awards will be given out after the final heat. 

  1. If they want to register for next year’s race see pre-registration directions. Pre-registration is nonrefundable. 

Museum outreach


Please use square to sell:

  • Museum merchandise

  • Museum membership

  • Water ($1)

  • 2023 registration ($50 deposit) (encourage people to fill out online via qr code)


Please hand out our explore reston packet and encourage people to attend our fall events and programs!


Processing Sales

  • Sales can be processed with cash/check/or credit card. 

  • Checks should be made out to Reston Historic Trust 

  • Paper receipts available

  • If having trouble with outside square, send the customer to museum or call Alex 571-337-3092


Processing Credit cards through Square reader

Regatta related items/popular items listed in “favorites” tab

Square Directions

1. Download Square app (search for POS in app store – Free to download) 

  1. Login Info

    1. Username: info@restonmuseum.org 

    2. Password: SQUARE 19

  2. Once logged in select items to sell

  3. Click “review sale”

  4. Click charge 

  5. Swipe card

  6. Have customer sign with finger 

  7. Ask if they’d like an emailed receipt – if they do please take email and confirm it is correct (email may automatically come up if associated with their credit card)

To remove ALL items from the cart

  1. Click “review sale” at bottom.

  2. Click “...” at top right 

  3. “Click  clear items” 


To remove 1 item from card

  1. Click review sale at bottom 

  2. Click item 

  1. Click “remove item” at bottom

  2. Click “confirm remove item” 

  3. Item should be removed

  4. When all items have been removed that you wanted to remove, click charge to complete sale


If you want to make sure a transaction has been processed 

  • Select transactions at the bottom 

  • In transactions you will be able to view completed past transactions


2023 preregistration

2023 race will be Saturday August 12, 2o23

 $50 non-refundable deposit is required to pre-register! Everyone who pre-registers MUST confirm registration (which includes an additional fee) next year.


Interested participants can pre-register via QR codes posted throughout the plaza or using the link restonmuseum.org/cardboard-preregister (This is where the QR code goes)


Encourage people to sign up online. Otherwise, they need to fill out contact information and pay via square 


Deposit can be cash/check/or credit card. 

Checks should be made out to Reston Historic Trust

  1. Process registration fee using square using a credit card 

  1. Download square app and login (Username: info@restonmuseum.org Password: SQUARE19)

  1. Open square 

  2. Click “boat registration”

  3. Click cardboard boat registration

  4. Click “pre registration deposit” 

  5. Click add

  6. click review sale 

  7. Click card 

  8. Swipe card 

  9. Have customer sign with finger 

  10. Ask if they’d like an emailed receipt – if they do please take email and confirm it is correct (email may automatically come up if associated with their credit card)

  1. Have them fill out the pre-registration form (See provided sheet)

  2. Read back contact information to ensure it is correct 

LACBR T-shirt sales


Previous year shirts (blue, grey, yellow) $5

This year’s shirt (orange) $15


(Shirts do not have tags/number search for LACBR T-shirts)  


Sizes (Adult Sizing)  

  • Small

  • Medium 

  • Large

  • X-Large


* Grey t-shirts available in women sizes 


  • See processing sales for directions on square card reader



Museum Membership Info

Why become a member? 

  • Members make it possible for the Reston Museum to preserve Reston’s history. We have a collection of Reston artifacts that is made available to researchers and contains artifacts that we put on display in exhibits 

  • Memberships assist RHT in hosting events and educational / public programming

  • Members benefit by receiving discounts at the museum store (10%) and other businesses on plaza and receive our e-newsletter  

  • New members today get 2 years for the price of one. Those who register for 2023 race also get membership. 

  • New members TODAY get a few tshirt - see Reston Museum membership table on the plaza near the award station. 

Membership Levels

  • Senior/Student $30 

  • Individual $45

  • Household $100

  • Lifetime $500 (includes standard three-line brick)

Memberships (besides lifetime) are renewed annually. Discounts at businesses on plaza can change yearly. This year’s benefits: See back of membership card for details. Discount cannot be used on other memberships, brick sales, ticket purchases, or consignment items 


Purchasing membership

  1. Charge person for membership type desired. Cash/Check/Credit card can all be used

    1. Checks can be made out to Reston Historic Trust

    2. See processing sales for square directions

  2. Have new member fill out membership form which includes name and contact info (cc information does not need to be filled out if processed through square reader or at cash register) 

  3. Place form in cash box to be given to Executive Director so that she can send a thank you/keep track of new memberships. 


About the Reston Museum 

The Reston Museum is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving Reston’s past, informing the present, and influencing the future of Reston. Museum is open free of charge and conducts educational and public programming, exhibitions, and public events including the Lake Anne Cardboard Boat Regatta, Reston Home Tour, and Founder's Day. RHT also preserves a collection of archival material and artifacts related to the history of Reston. Programs of the Reston Museum are supported in part by Reston Community Center. 

Brick Sales


  • Standard Three Line Brick ($200) 

  • Large Six Line Brick ($350)

Bricks are purchased once a year (usually in February) They are put on display for Founder’s Day (April) and installed shortly after. 2023 is the last year for bricks.

Sample brick on display if anyone wants to see what it looks like. 

Those interested in a brick need to fill out the brick form. Please note there are restrictions on what the inscription can say. These are listed on the back of the brick form.  Bricks purchased today will be ordered/installed next year. 

Bricks are limited to 15 characters per line. 

To process order 

  1. Select desired brick type (standard or large) from sales list

  2. Process sale with cash, check or credit card (see processing sales for square directions)

    1. Checks can be made out to Reston Historic Trust

  3. Have person fill out brick form (If they do not know what they want on the brick have them fill out contact information on form. Executive Director will contact them early 2019 if they have not already reached out to specify what they want on the brick)


Set up

Things needing to be set up (Ask Kurt or Alex for direction) 

  • Signage (See map) 

    • Supplies: Tape/zip ties/rope

    • banners on seawall

    • Umbrella (announcer station) 

    • Others signs: boat drop, registration, volunteer, dumpster, water station,  

  • Tables/Tents

    • Table set up outside museum: signs/cash box/square card readers/flyers/registration information/merchandise/

    • Water/ice to volunteer stations water for volunteers 

    • Assist with sponsor tent/table set up 

  • Course 

  • Sound system/emcee station 

  • Sponsors

  • Stage

Verifying boat disposal

  • All teams are responsible for the disposal of their boat

  • 123 Junk, as well as volunteers, are helping with boat disposal. 

  • As boats come out of the water ensure crew carries their boat off to the dumpster. Check off provided sheet as disposal occurs. 

Way clearing

  • All teams are responsible for boat removal. 

  • Volunteers and 123 junk will be assisting teams in boat removal

  • Please help clear a path through the crowd for the teams to get their boat to the disposal 

  • There will be (2) 123 Junk dump trucks in the loading dock area of the plaza parking lot where boats can be dumped. Please see attached.

Ramp assistant

  • After checking in at the volunteer table please Report to: Kurt or Lisa on Dock.

  • Monitor the deck / ramp area to make sure it does not get too crowded 

  • Help direct teams on and of the dock. 


  • After checking in at the volunteer table outside the museum report to Kurt and Kevin on the dock. 

  • As it is a boats turn to race find the team on the plaza and tell them they can move their boat down to the dock to race 

  • Boats will be placed on the plaza according to the attached map. 


  • After checking in at the volunteer table please report to Kurt on the dock. 

  • As teams finish the race please mark their provided times on the scoreboard (by the Award table see attached map) 

  • Then give time to the Announcer (Andy) to announce times. 

Roving Museum Membership Outreach 2:30 to 5 pm

  • Membership is 2 years for the price of one during the regatta 

  • If you do not have it on your phone already please download square in advance! Search for "Square" in your app store - icon is a white and grey square. 

  • Login to square after downloading using email alex.campbell@restonmuseum.org and password "RMsq22!!"

  • View membership information here

  • On deck assistants 

  • Send deck assistant volunteers to dock – Ask for Kevin Witt

  • Assist race participants bringing their boats onto the dock/into water

  • Assist race participants getting in and out of their boats 

Disposal crew

  • Send deck assistant volunteers to dock – Ask for Kevin Witt

  • Assist teams after the race to get cardboard into dumpster. 

  • There are two truck Dumpsters located in Lake Anne Parking Lot (See map). They are labeled. Do not use the unlabeled dumpsters that are for Plaza merchants only. 

  • 123 Junk is providing help for this effort – they are wearing 123 Junk t-shirts 

  • Take pathway between RUBS bookstore and Montmarte to get to dumpster. 


  • Boat Drop Off 

  • Dumpsters (2 truck dumpsters)  

  • Pathway to dumpster 


Traffic control (Boat Drop off)

  • Send traffic control volunteers to Lisa (Stationed at Chimney House Parking Lot)

  • They are assisting with boat drop off

  • See provided map of where each boat should go on the plaza

  • Places are marked with a number


Super Soaker Directions


  • Super soakers are $5 each

  • __ Max people in area at a time

  • Make sure everyone stays back from the ledge and stays in the designated area.