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Dulles Toll Road

The access road to the Dulles Airport was not immediately accessible to Restonians. When Reston was founded, the highway went only to the airport, with no exits for a 13.5 mile stretch from the Beltway to the airport. Simon encouraged the Federal Aviation Administration to open the road to local traffic from the beginning, to no avail. It was not until 1972 that the FAA gave permission for the Reston Commuter bus to use the Dulles Airport Access Road.

In 1979, a revenue bond was approved to build the Dulles Toll Road also known as Route 267. The lanes, running parallel to the Dulles Access Road, would be completed in 1984. A third lane was added in 1992. 


In 2005, five companies submitted proposals to VDOT to privatize the toll
road. In response, in 2006 the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority
assumed operation of the Dulles Toll Road from VDOT, took on associated debts,
and committed to building a rapid transit line in the median.

Since 1961, the Dulles Access corridor has evolved from a four-lane
restricted highway through dairy farms to a 12-lane expressway with HOV
lanes, Metrorail, and a booming high-tech industry.

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