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Best seller!


Community is what it is all about: an ode to lake anne


by Cheryl Terio-Simon


with Eric MacDicken


Cover photo by Charlotte Geary Photography.


This book is sold exclusively at the Reston Museum. 

Community allows you to take an enlightening journey of discovery through images and personal reflections of Lake Anne Village Center (Lake Anne), the first village of the planned community of Reston, Virginia. Built in the early 1960s, it was the showcase of the new town’s social, architectural, and land-use development innovations. 

Community illuminates Robert E. Simon, Jr.’s vision and inspiration for Lake Anne and how the architecture and its public art are in service to his vision. All contribute to the ultimate goal of creating a space for community interaction.

The book features over 100 photos, including modern and historic, and artwork by renowned Reston artist Pat MacIntyre.


"Cheryl Terio-Simon and Eric MacDicken have created a wonderful book about Reston’s Lake Anne village that will prove an essential guide to understanding the DNA of this magical place. With beautiful photographs and behind-the-scenes stories that explain the design rationale and precedents for its many unique elements, the book contributes much to understanding why this community works so well and feels so different. It is a story of the power of a vision, yes, but also the cumulative effect of so many small but critical design elements that result in the creation of a great place. Impressive also are the many first-hand stories of the lived-experiences of residents who vividly and convincingly bear witness to the success of its founder Bob Simon’s vision and ideas.
"Reston is a gem that continues to inspire and instruct 60 years later. Especially impressive is the blending of architecture, civic space and nature, and I can think of few other places where these qualities have been brought together with such potency and impact. The details made visible in this book are quite remarkable: from the Nile markers to the playful Fonseca sculptures, to even the design of light fixtures on the plaza, the book conveys well how a rich and diverse set of design elements comes powerfully together to create this iconic community. Even though I have visited this special place several times over the years, I realize now how much I have missed and how many important things I did not notice. With this book in hand I will not miss them the next time!" – Timothy Beatley, PhD,
School of Architecture, University of Virginia

Book: Community is what it is all about: an ode to Lake Anne

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