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Determined: The 400-Year Struggle for Black Equality. Visit the Reston Museum July 18 through August 26, 2022 to view the accompanying exhibit! By Dr. Karen A Sherry, VMHC Curator, Foreword by Rev. Grady W. PowellThis book addresses the urgent need for a greater understanding of systemic racism in America through a concise and accessible survey of Black history in Virginia, from the arrival of the first enslaved Africans in 1619 to the groundswell of racial justice protests in 2020.Highlighting key individuals and events, this lavishly illustrated story showcases the profound impact that the fight for Black equality has had on our nation and its democratic ideals.176 pages, Softcover, ISBN: 978911282990, D. Giles, Ltd. 2021.

Determined: The 400-Year Struggle for Black Equality

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