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The Official 2023 White House Christmas Ornament features President Gerald R. Ford and the handcrafted decorations selected by the Ford family during their time in the White House. President Ford was our first unelected President. He began his presidency in 1974, during period of economic uncertainty and high inflation following the energy crisis of 1973. Therefore, the First Lady decided to decorate their 1974 Christmas tree with handmade toys and ornaments. In 1975, they again wanted to decorate their tree in a thrifty manner. They choose pinecones, popcorn and other items that were inexpensive, yet fun. The 2023 ornament is a great way to celebrate the "thrifty" tree from Ford's White House. The wreath has a three-dimensional depth to it and has all kinds of items from the Fords' trees. On the back of the wreath are insignia representing significant times in President Ford's life. The included booklet provides more information on Ford, his presidency, the ornament, and the five Ford milestones represented. Material: Solid brass with screen-printed finishSize: 3" roundFeatures handmade toys and items on the front, and five significant times in Ford's life on the backOrigin: Made in the USA

Official 2023 White House Ornament

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